Sunday, April 06, 2008

Bachmann in Monticello Times

Congresswoman Bachmann is featured in two articles in the Monticello Times.

Bachmann speaks before the Monticello Chamber over lunch.

On the differences between the 06 race and 08
“In 2006, we were at a pivotal stage in the Iraq conflict,” she said. “We were preparing to answer the call for more troops in the region, and I got to be there shortly after that happened in 2007 when I spent Fourth of July in Iraq with our troops. I went back again in for Christmas Eve. And the progress we made in that six months was astounding.”

On taxes
She said her home district has been especially hard by taxes. The middle and upper-middle class share a tax burden that is at historic highs. In some cases, her constituents are paying in the 40 percent tax rate.

“That’s a number that needs to go down to about 20 to 25 percent,” she said. “That’s going to move the economy.”

So she pushes her friends in Congress to continue the Bush tax cuts, implemented before she arrived and phased out as the Democrats took control last year. She said she’s heard no discussion to keep them going, which is wrong, in her opinion.

Her background
“I guess, with my background, I wasn’t a complete neophyte,” she said. “I think owning a business with my husband helped a lot. Raising our foster children gave me experience with government. Working as an attorney and a federal tax attorney helped. So I had a good sense of what was to come.”

She added that six years in the Minnesota Senate was also a huge help overcoming the partisan “poison” that is so prevalent in Washington, as well.

“Coming from Minnesota, you learn to reach across the aisle,” she said. “Some of my closest friends there are Democrats. The problems we’re going to face in the next term are so big, no one party can solve them all. You have to work together. I think I’ve made that a priority and will continue to do that.”

When the campaigning begins, Bachmann said she’s ready to “come home” and spend time with “real people.”

“Conversations with the people you meet back here are where real legislation comes from,” she said. “I get excited to come back. I can’t wait. This is the fun part of the job. You get feedback and learn from real people. That’s the best.”

Bachmann reaching across the aisle? Seriously? Her voting record would suggest otherwise.

The "conversations with people you meet back here" bit is equally as alarming. 16 months into her term as Congresswoman and we have yet to have an open forum with the Congresswoman.

While public citizens don't have the opportunity to talk to their Congresswoman, Bachmann did take some time to meet with the Monticello Chamber Government Affairs Committee.

“This is great,” she said. “This is where legislation comes from, conversations
like this. I’m honored you would ask me to sit down with you.”

Yet she won't help with DeSoto Bridge funding.

On immigration and Iran
Q & A session

Prior to the roundtable, Bachmann held a brief Q and A session after giving her remarks to the Monticello Chamber of Commerce.

She touched on various topics, including the Iraq war, immigration control, healthcare and energy conservation.

She was particularly emotional about immigration, a subject that she made headlines with back in February when she was very critical of the system that allowed the woman charged with crashing into a bus in Cottonwood, Minn., to continue driving.

“We’re losing our country,” she said. “People are not assimilating themselves to America. They’re not speaking English, and you must speak it if you want to succeed here in this country.”

A Monticello businessman asked about a fence along the southern border of Texas and Arizona.

“The money is there. Why haven’t we seen anything?” he asked.

“Exactly. The money is there. It’s our (Congress’) fault. We aren’t doing our job here,” Bachmann replied. “And the argument that fences don’t work doesn’t hold water. Look at Israel and Palestiine Fences work. Maybe people have too much interest or benefit from open borders.”

She also was questioned on the status of a conflict with Iran.

“War will be the last resort,” she said. “We can’t afford to be the lead on it this time. We have work to do in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Bachmann replied.

The article also stated that the Chamber and Bachmann had a lengthy discussion on the mortgage lending crisis and the epidemic that has risen from this in Wright and Sherburne Counties. No details were given.

Fear mongering on will get much worse as the 2008 election cycle continues.


Beckfeld said...


Let’s start with her trip last year to Iraq where she stayed a few hours. She went from the airport to the Green zone in a high speed convoy. The green zone was shelled while she was there and a couple of hours after arriving she was whisked back by high speed convoy and left. She didn’t talk to a single enlisted person.

The last time she went she spent most of the day in Kuwait. Once more her trip lasted less than a day. It reminds me of when Bush flew over the gulf coast after Katrina in Air Force one.

Please note that 3 service men died this weekend in Iraq.

As to talking with the people and that where her ideas for legislation comes from, who was she talking to when she came up with the “Light bulb freedom act”? Who was she talking to when she voted against “pay as you go”, higher education funding and voted for welfare for Exxon?

I know who she was listening to when she voted against schip funding. Phillip Morris. And they along with Exxon rewarded her for listening with big checks. To bad the troops and children without health care can’t write Bachmann a big check so she could listen to them as well.

eric zaetsch said...

Her going to Iraq, Beckfeld said it, I don't need to repeat - all you see from the green zone is the green zone.

This was before Basra. No mention of that.

No mention of the oil resolution Bushco wants the Iraqi government to adopt and which they've so far declined to adopt.

Superficial, but in the Sixth District superficial has played out well for Bachmann.

Why expect her to change her tune.

Did she say anything about whether she'd be wanting to debate the DFL challenger, once that is decided?

She has incumbency now, and probably will duck any debating.

My impression is she intends another April 15 dog and pony show appearance at the Capitol in St. Paul, with Jason Lewis.

It will be interesting to see the press coverage. It takes no effort and there will be press releases available. If the statewide daily papers are lazy she may make something out of such nonsense.