Saturday, April 05, 2008

Delegate counts in the 6th

Eric Z posed the question for me here yesterday.
Have you, perhaps, pulled the Olson photo prematurely?

The short answer is no.

T.W. Budig has a story up about the endorsing conventions in the 6th.
Schumacher views the endorsement contest between Tinklenberg and Olson as close to being decided. “I don’t think it’s (the race) open,” said Schumacher.

Only two more local DFL conventions take place this weekend, she explained.

Her delegate count suggests Tinklenberg is on the threshold of endorsement, Schumacher explained. “I think Tinklenberg is very close to the required 60 percent,” she said.

“That’s certainly not to say anything bad about Mr. Olson — it’s wonderful to have two good candidates,” said Schumacher. “But my sense is that it will go Tinklenberg — but I could be wrong,” she said.

For his part, Olson argues the contest is very much alive. Delegate responses have been encouraging, he insisted.

Some soothsayers have him trailing Tinklenberg, Olson acknowledged. “Yeah, and it’s a little confusing because everybody else who isn’t talking to the delegates, they’re saying ‘We’re behind,’” he said. “I’m the one talking to these people. And it’s very positive,” said Olson.

But the Tinklenberg campaign feels good about the odds of endorsement.

I would most likely be one of the soothsayers...

My running delegate count, obtained by speaking to a mix of delegates and others across the Senate Districts and County Units, has Tinklenberg leading in delegates 65-25.

While a good deal of uncommitted delegates remain, the momentum clearly leads me to the conclusion that this will be a first ballot endorsement for Tinklenberg.

My opinion, based on my own experiences running for the State Senate, is that Olson is experiencing "Minnesota Nice" with the delegates. That's my gut feeling.

As to Eric's question about taking down the photo of Olson and slowing my coverage of the race in the 6th...

It has nothing to do with the fact that Olson is losing the delegate race. It has more to do with the inside politics of the race, and we'll leave it at that.

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eric zaetsch said...

This Google Alert:

Latest: Bachmann wins unanimous endorsement at 6th District convention
St. Cloud Times - St. Cloud,MN,USA
DFLers Elwyn Tinklenberg and Bob Olson are competing for the party endorsement to challenge Bachmann in this fall’s election.

By Lawrence Schumacher

Published: April 05. 2008 12:30AM - Last updated: April 05. 2008 12:16PM

No surprise there.