Saturday, April 05, 2008

Legislative Survey's: Shimanski v. Peppin

Thursday, while eating in Maple Grove, I found a Legislative Survey for Rep. Joyce Peppin.

As my heart raced like a little kid on Christmas, I opened the survey and was, well, disappointed.
It was not the conservative rant I had hoped it would be. But I found it very interesting, when comparing it to the survey of Rep. Ron Shimanski.

Rep Peppin is a staunch conservative. However, her survey is worded fairly.

It starts off with a question about the respondent's most important legislative concerns.

A. Economy/job creation
B. Taxes
C. Education
D. Health Care
E. Environment
F. Transportation
G. Other

As we recall, Shimanski starts his Legislative Survey with a very politically loaded question.

Question 1. Which system of health care reform do you prefer?

A. I'd like to see a health care system that allow freedom and choice, privacy and security, and no government take-over.

B. I am willing to pay higher taxes and face potential care rationing so the government can provide single payer health coverage to all Minnesotans, regardless of income.

The Shimanski Survey doesn't even ask constituents for their top legislative concern.

Peppin's Survey asks for the respondent's opinion on health care.

A. The system is broken. To ensure coverage for all, we should enact a government administered program.

B. The system needs reform that ban be best accomplished by empowering consumers and the free market.

C. The system works sufficiently well and no massive changes are necessary.

D. Don't know/ need more info.

I had been wondering for quite some time now whether or not the House Republican Caucus had pushed surveys similar to Shimanski's across the state. It would appear as though Shimanski's poorly worded and biased survey was exclusive to himself.

I'll scan both surveys and post them later.

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Political Muse said...

I don't have a copy of the survey, but I have been told of a similarly loaded survey coming from Dan Severson in District 14A.