Saturday, April 26, 2008

More on Bachmann's latest taxpayer funded lit piece

Llyodletta posted the piece earlier in the week. It arrived at the Blueman household about that same time.

It seems that the nice pie chart on the back of the piece caught some attention. It caught my eye as well.

According to the chart Bachmann cites, it takes 74 days of work in America to pay for our Federal Taxes, yet only 60 days for our housing, 50 days for health care, 35 days for food, and 29 days for transportation.

60 days for housing? Really? I'm not sure what kind of housing the Tax Foundation is using for their pie chart, but our rent is significantly more than 2 months of pay.

Digging around the Tax Foundation site was rather interesting. I found a March 2007 report that lists the tax burden by Congressional District. The numbers for Minnesota are interesting.

Using 2004 numbers and the 110th Congress:

CD 3 is the highest taxed CD in Minnesota, and 25th in the nation.
CD 2 is second and 79th in the nation.
CD 6 is third and 111th.

Note the 3 CD's with GOP elected Congressional leaders are the highest taxed CD's in Minnesota.

CD 4 is fourth and 120th.
CD 5 is fifth and 136th.
CD 1 is sixth and 249th.
CD 8 is seventh and 342nd.
CD 7 is last and 353rd in the nation.

Also, the Tax Foundation shows us that Americans saw their tax burden lessened by 3 days while the House and Senate have been under Democratic control!

Commenter's at the original DB thread weighed in, including having a discussion on the who and what are the Tax Foundation.

More to come on the Bachmann mailer...

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