Monday, April 28, 2008

Senator Coleman and unreported income?

Two Putt Tommy posted this earlier.

Selvi Stanislaus, Executive Drirector
California State Franchise Tax Board
P. O. Box 1565
Rancho Cordova CA 95741

Dear Ms. Stanislaus,

A couple of months ago, it was widely reported that Laurie Coleman, wife of Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman, was actively engaged in selling Blo ‘n Go’s in the State of California.

I invite your attention to Laurie Coleman’s website:

Senator Coleman’s United States Senate Financial Disclosure Form doesn’t list Laurie Coleman’s involvement in selling these Blo jobs.

Clearly, the number of these Blo jobs Laurie Colemen has sold, and how much money she has made from said Blo jobs, is unaccounted for.

This will require significant investigation to determine Laurie Coleman’s involvement in selling Blo jobs.

Your prompt attention is appreciated.


TwoPutt Tommy

1 comment:

eric zaetsch said...

Hal, I don't understand it.

This story is all over the blogs.

And plenty of comments.

Yet the regular bunch of GOP anonymous blog trolls, where have they vanished to?

It is as if they are centrally managed; Norm saying, "Don't go and even think about touching that third rail."

Or am I wrong? Have our GOP friends been actively studying this issue?