Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Bluewoman!

Oh yeah, and I'd like to welcome the folks from the Minnesota Republican Party who are furiously searching out the Norm and Laurie Coleman Unreported "Blo & Go" income.

Anyone who has ever tried to style his or her hair by wielding a blow-dryer in one hand and a brush in the other knows that it can be an exasperating juggling act. The challenge of an at-home blowout is what inspired, former runway model and wife of U.S. Senator Norm Coleman, Laurie Coleman to invent the Blo & Go, a hair-dryer holster. For years, Coleman had been jury-rigging wire coat hangers into holders for her blow-dryer so she could use both hands to style her hair. "You go on a trip with senators and you have 45 minutes and you have to be ready to go," says Coleman, who doesn't have the luxury of traveling with a hairstylist. "Norm's not going to blow-dry my hair." Her makeshift holsters were awkward, but they worked. That led a friend, Anthony Turk, who is now her business partner, to encourage her to develop and manufacture the device. It took four years of working with a product designer, but you can now get a Blo & Go for $29.99. Coleman is a former model, mother of two and a onetime actress -- "Homeland Security," "Three Days of Rain." The Blo & Go device doesn't grip the nozzle of the blow-dryer; instead, it cradles the handle. It holds by suction to any flat surface such as a mirror.

"Norm's not going to blow dry my hair". Not when your in California and he's in Washington.

I'll leave it at that...


TwoPutt said...

""Norm's not going to blow dry my hair". Not when your in California and he's in Washington.

I'll leave it at that..."


So, the State GOP is thowin' crap at Franken, for shoddy paperwork, when THEY got shoddy paperwork problems of their own!


And now, it looks like ol' Smokescreen "forgot" to include Laurie's Blo & Go income in his FEC report!!!

I wonder if Norm paid property taxes in California??!?

Beckfeld said...

How many of us have the problem of only having 45 min. to get ready for a night on the town with a bunch of Senators? At least one of the Colemans is trying to solve a problem in DC.

So "blow and go" is a real device and not just Norms way of saying good by.

And Blo and go works using suction.
I wonder what gave her that idea?

I like the way Laurie thinks.

It only took her 4 years to design it! This makes Laurie not only one of the most inventive and productive Republicans but also one of the smartest.

Julie Blaha said...

Those of us of the big haired persuasion totally understand needing 45 minutes to get ready.

This may be the only Republican innovations I am excited about! I wonder what would Laurie think if she knew I am planning to holster my dryer by my computer so I can upload liberal ideas while I beautify.

Seriously, I want one of those things. So does my husband, but I don't think he read the post very closely...

Beckfeld said...

I envy your big hair Julie. I miss needing a comb.

eric zaetsch said...

I think it shows the groundlessness of the attack on Franken. However, that damage has been done. My complaint is STRIB featured a lot of the garbage being thrown at Franken. It put the Coleman thing in the gossip column. That was the Jan. 2008 gossip columns. The Franken stuff was posted/published in the last week or two. Then, after going at Franken, it ignores the parallels with the incumbent's paperwork neglect.

Hey, that's not right.

Can you say, "Double standard"?

Can you say, "Playing favorites"?

What else would you call it?