Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bakula letter: Annandale Advocate

Jim Bakula, DFL endorsed candidate running against Bruce Anderson, has a letter published in the Annandale Advocate.
As I shared the first principle that I based my campaign on (not to take any campaign funds from lobbyists or Political Action Committees) I was astounded by the number of people who made comments like it's easy to pledge that now, but we'll see what you do after you are elected.

Another person compared the legislators in St. Paul to the old beer commercial where one group yells "tastes great" and the other group yells "less filling." Lots of hollering and no problem solving.

As I reflected on these comments I thought of the way the Republican Party publicly rebuked their own party members and stripped them of leadership positions while pledging to withhold endorsements. This was punishment for representing their constituents' wishes by supporting the transportation bill. What has happened to civility and respect for divergent opinions? Obviously power can be abused.

Jim's stance on PAC"s and lobbyist money is noble. Most running for office or being elected to office take money from these groups. While in many cases, this money is not "tainted". However, it oftentimes leads to the elected official being put in a difficult situation. While it happens more often than not on the national level, putting one's contributors before their own constituents is one major reason people feel disenfranchised.

Bakula's old school values, subject matter expertise on education and health care, and a well organized campaign, make him well poised to send Bruce Anderson home after the 2008 elections.

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