Friday, April 25, 2008

Pioneer Press on the CD 6 race

The Pioneer Press has a piece up this morning about the CD 6 race between Tinklenberg and Olson.
As for Tinklenberg, Olson said, "He knows sand and gravel better than I do.''

Olson said he has contacted most district delegates and contends that half of those support his candidacy. While that's short of the 60 percent support he'll need at the convention in Coon Rapids, he said he's optimistic.

Tinklenberg, meanwhile, avoided specific numbers but said he has strong support among delegates.

Nancy Schumacher, the 6th District DFL chair, said she isn't certain who has the lead but believes the endorsement will be settled fairly quickly.

"I really don't see it going more than two ballots,'' she said.

But Olson knows wind!

Have they changed their minds on whether they will abide by the endorsement again?
Both candidates have said they'll abide by the endorsement, according to Schumacher.

From the AP story yesterday.
Both Tinklenberg and Olson say they are the best candidate to beat Bachmann, and both said they would do so by appealing to independents. Both promised to drop out if the other wins the endorsement, although Tinklenberg said his pledge might not apply if last-minute attacks sway the vote.

I have to admit, I got a nice little chuckle out of this part!
"I understand how to bring tens of thousands of jobs to the 6th District,'' Olson said. "Basically, Elwyn talks about removing Michele Bachmann from office, which I will also do.''

Talk like that prompted Schumacher to note that the campaign has gotten a bit feistier recently.

"Bob Olson is certainly a very passionate person, and some of his supporters are equally passionate,'' she said.

To be fair, Tinklenberg's supporters are equally as passionate.

And the Startribune remains silent...

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