Friday, April 25, 2008

Guess who will introduce Bob Olson on Saturday?

Got a call from a friend this morning...

Former Minnesota Attorney General and US District Court Judge Miles Lord will introduce Olson at the CD 6 Convention.

Two thoughts...

It may make Olson look bad since Judge Lord did come out pretty hard after Tinklenberg's taconite dealings earlier this week.

However, Judge Lord is a powerful figure for working and middle class Minnesotans. He served 5 years as Minnesota Attorney General and was succeeded by Walter Mondale. He was appointed by President Johnson and served nearly 20 years as a US District Court Judge, where he is most famous for going after mining companies dumping taconite tailings in Lake Superior. He is also well known for going after A.H. Robins Company for malpractice in issuing the Dalkon Shield intrauterine device.

At 88 years old, Judge Lord is still fighting for the "little guy". His speech tomorrow will be interesting. I hear the Tinklenberg Campaign is not pleased about this development.

Stay tuned for the live blog tomorrow.

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