Monday, April 14, 2008

Tinklenberg raises $127,000 is First Quarter

Elwyn Tinklenberg's FEC report was posted yesterday.

He collected just over $99,000 in individual contributions and almost $28,000 from PAC's. About 20% of his contributions came from PAC's.

For comparison, in first quarter 2006 Tinklenberg hauled in about $39,500 in individual contributions and $23,000 from PAC's. Apples and Oranges, I know, since in 06 Tinklenberg was running against a formidable candidate in Patty Wetterling and the Congressional seat was open.

Honestly, it's not as bad as I had heard. Although with just over $100,000 cash on hand at the end of the quarter, the fundraising pace must pick up. I wonder if he'll start calling in some of the fundraising "big guns"?

Anyone see the Tinklenberg vehicle repair reimbursement on 1/21/08 of $1190.36? I'd like to hear the story behind that...

Were anxiously awaiting the release of Olson's FEC report. 2007, 4th Quarter, Olson had just over $92,000 cash on hand, with $119,000 in loans.

At the close of 07, Bachmann had nearly $800,000 cash on hand.

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eric zaetsch said...

Few in district are giving him money, but he is getting cash in state more than last time. At least few in district are contributing above whatever the reporting cutoff limit is. Town Center Tom Gamec's name again is missing.

Curtis Martinson gave. He is listed as with Community National Bank. That's the North Branch Bank that has key people being indicted for bank fraud and misconduct in the Ramsey Town Center development financing and such, involving dead developer Bruce Nedegaard, and appraiser J. Scott Renne, who reportedly hanged himself in a closet after kickbacks on his appraisals to one of the bank management people became known to investigators. Martinson is one bank person reported to be cooperating with federal investigators.

Jim Deal and spouse are not big contributors this cycle but were last cycle. That's curious.

Beard Group people gave.

Janet Robert is still a big time supporter of the Tinklenberg candidacy as she was last time. I am not clear whether she is pro-choice, or not, much as with Elwyn Tinklenberg's position being a waffle.