Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tinklenberg responds to Olson delegate email

Once again, Political Muse beats Blueman to the punch.
While I certainly cannot support Mr. Olson any longer given that I have no interest in hunting the white whale, there is still much to be done on the part of Elwyn Tinklenberg in courting progressive voters in the 6th District. From my perspective, there are still many in our community that either feel spurned by this process or by Mr. Tinklenberg himself. Are these feelings justified? Perhaps or perhaps not, but at this point there have to be actions taken by both sides to mend these divisions.

For those feeling spurned I would suggest to you that there is absolutely no way for Mr. Tinklenberg to win without your activism. Whether that activism means footwork or money, he is going to need your support. By taking that first step, you can show that you met half way.

Well said Muse.

It's tough, I'm not sure what I will do. Tinklenberg is doomed without some progressive support in the 6th. However, he has done little to reconcile the inconsistencies on some pretty key progressive ideals. Whether it's choice, marriage equality, or the War in Iraq/Afghanistan, I feel he's been too inconsistent for me to support him.

I still believe the lobbying issue is out there, that has not been reconciled either.

It's a trust issue. He can work to regain that trust with progressives, but a ride on the "straight talk express" is in order.

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Beckfeld said...

I don't know that your right that tink is doomed without the liberal's supporting him. You have to get the progressive's trust early and spend the rest of the campaign on independents and Republicans (didn't you learn anything from Cris's class)It has been the common wisdom by our local leaders that to win we need the swing republican vote. So now we see that vote courted by ignoring the progressives or a least asking us to be quiet. The problem of course is that swing republicans agree with progresive's on social issues like choice and civil issues but worry about spending and tax increases and to many government regulations.

So of course we choose a anti choice (personally not politicaly) candidate who advocates for increase transportation spending, earmarks and mandantory government approved light bulbs, who's 3/4 lobbyist. I'll support him and so will all the other dem's but in a 42% index you still need a couple of republicans to switch. We'll be there unless a independent shows up so we can register a protest vote. I hope he has a better plan than he's showed us so far.

I've also been wrong about everything so far.