Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Brian Davis Hires Liberal Blogger As Consultant (Part II)

As we reported back in March, newly endorsed 1st CD GOP candidate Brian Davis, hired a liberal blogger for IT Consultant work.

My site traffic from Costa Rica was through the roof.

With the release of his FEC report yesterday Davis paid David Roberts (aka Evil Bobby) $250 on 1/1/08 (Happy New Year EB!) and another $250 on 2/1/08.

After the March report exposing Davis' payment of the liberal blogger Evil Bobby for IT Consultant work, according to the FEC report, payments ceased.


By the way, Davis raised about $34,500 in the first quarter. When compared to Olson's haul in the 6th, Davis looks like a fundraising machine.

Update: Only $6500 in individual contributions came in after his endorsement, $5000 in PAC money.

Olson essentially spent $1 for every $1 he raised.

Brian Davis?

He spent over $17,000 in fundraising consultants in the 1st Quarter.

That $17,000 got him $15,843 in individual contributions and $10,000 in PAC money. I would assume that his fundraising consultants did not have to prod Davis for the $8649 he gave himself.

Wow, that's some pretty bad fundraising.

I know two local DFL House candidates, running against long time staunch conservatives in Central Minnesota.

After looking at these numbers again, Davis' fundraising may in fact be worse than Bob Olson, but we'll let you be the judge of that...

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