Thursday, May 01, 2008

LIVE: Kiffmeyer v. Olson

v. Corrine Gintz v. Mark Lumley.

Despite their best efforts to keep the endorsing convention quiet, "delegates and special invited guests" per the email I received, the 16B Republicans have an endorsing convention this Saturday.

Checking the Minnesota GOP website, there is no mention of this event on their calendar, even though HD 21B has both a forum and convention listed on the State GOP calendar.

At the HD 16B website, the convention is listed at March 8, 2008 at Salida Depot. We all know that did not happen.

Fear not though, despite the Republicans best efforts to keep this endorsement secret, we have confirmed that the Kiffmeyer v. Olson v. Gintz v. Lumley Battle Royal for the hearts and minds of 16B Republicans will be decided this Saturday, May 3rd, 10 am, at the Salida Depot in Becker.

Perhaps Political Muse will make this event with me, although I seriously doubt we'll be granted admittance into the event.

Why all the secrecy behind this endorsement?

Why no publicity?

Nothing in either of the Sherburne County papers.

Nothing in the SC Times.

I wonder if Congresswoman Bachmann will be there?

Will they adhere to the CD 6 GOP policy of no camera's, video's or court room sketches of their candidates?

We'll know sometime Saturday.


eric zaetsch said...

Blueman, you say "hearts and minds."

But these are Republicans.

eric zaetsch said...

Forgot to say - not only is Mary Kiffmeyer moving in mysterious ways this time, she has a track record - such as opposing open voter registration while tasked with oversight of voter registration (besides the picture ID thing):

As City Pages in that article points out, there is one-term-wonder Ralph, who probably will be convening with his spouse at that top-secret session - heart and mind and all, hoping MK gets in the legislature to be able to sponsor a bill banning sale and advertising in Minnesota of the Coleman Family's BLO and GO.