Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More Intimidation On The Righty Blogs

You may recall the controversy back in April over "Drew Emmer" exposing the personal information of Karl Bremer.

True North and Minnesota Majority posted this information as a tactic of intimidation for Bremer's opposition to a Veterans for Freedom program at Forest Lake High School.

Bremer served his nation honorably.

It's become standard operating procedure for right wing bloggers and their commenter's to vilify, harass and intimidate those on the left, especially those that have honorably served their nation.

Yesterday, the right wing blogs, once again failed to disappoint.

Mitch Berg tried his best yesterday. Mitch proudly boasts of his Les Nessman days as a radio show host, 20 years ago. Mitch secretly runs around the MOB and True North newsroom kicking the King and the Korb out of his fictional office.

Baghdad Blue? Really Mitch? Mitch spun Neil Sedaka vinyl. Blueman served 11 years as an active duty Infantryman. Nice try Les.

But the spat between Les and I is a back burner issue as compared to what happened over at Minnesota Democrats Exposed yesterday afternoon.

Two Putt Tommy came under attack at MDE.

TPT served his nation honorably. The right wing commenter's who have assaulted his military record are cowards, specifically Big Kahuna and Swiftee.

Talking out of both sides of your mouth is a pretty interesting skill.

While working to discredit TPT's honorable service record, Big Kahuna crossed a line yesterday. He exposed some private info on TPT's family and lied about his daughter.
Big Kahuna Says: May 13th, 2008 at 5:18 pm
Hey, lot’s of info on old puddles out there. This will be fun.
Holy cow! Looks like tommy little girl (Name redacted) is a
stripper at (Location redacted)?
What a father figure

TPT confirmed in a message to Michael Brodkorb that Big Kahuna had in fact named his daughter in his vulgar comment. To MDE's credit, he did remove the comment later.

It's a very troubling comment for a father to see. The intimidation attempts by those on the right wing blogs is unparalleled.

Is Big Kahuna stalking Two Putt Tommy's daughter? How did he get this private info?

With the venom that Big Kahuna and Swiftee have for those on the left that honorably served their nation, Two Putt Tommy should report this harassment to the authorities.

"Drew Emmer" exposing Karl Bremer's home address, phone number, email and work number to all of those at Minnesota Majority and True North.

Big Kahuna exposing the identity of Two Putt Tommy's daughter is a reprehensible act. Calling his daughter a stripper is a libelous act.

I hope TPT sues his ass.

The intimidation and harassment does not work.

In fact, it unifies us.