Saturday, May 31, 2008

Walz Big Lead Over Davis and Day

Bluestem Prairie has the scoop!

It's early...but...

A 35 point margin over Dick Day and a 40 point margin over Brian Davis!

With the focus of Brian Davis being on the franking privileges and campaign finance of Congressman Walz, I suspect things will not get much easier for the dynamic duo of Day and Davis as this race gets closer to the September primary.

The Congressman polled at 57% against Day and 60% against Davis. In my humble opinion, it's because Tim Walz has done an outstanding job representing the First Congressional District in Washington. His constituent outreach has been unmatched!

I'm anxiously awaiting polling numbers from the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th!


Anonymous said...

Go, Tim, go!

Great news in CD-1.

I'd be interested to know what Tinklenberg's internals show -- and Sarvi's.

It's doubtful either is defeating their opponent head-to-head, but the internals should give some insight as to the degree of unrest in their respective districts.

As name recognition grows for each, the head-to-head numbers can change. Ask Tim Walz.

Paul said...

As a constituent in CD 1, I can tell you that Walz is doing a fabulous job. He has stayed connected to the district, and also hasn't been there long enough to catch Potomac-fever. This fall will go well for him!