Sunday, June 08, 2008

More from Ed Schultz on Norm Coleman's Morality

From Friday's Ed Schultz Show:

"Now, if this continues, if this slime attack on Al Franken continues, Norm Coleman needs to know that I don't like him."

"And Norm Coleman needs to know that I have Ed Heads all over Minnesota."

"And Norm Coleman needs to know that I will seek out women who have been hit on by Norm Coleman."

"I will play dirty Norm, if you keep playing dirty on my brother Al."

"I'm so glad you brought up Norm Coleman's skirt chasing. I have an acquaintance in her early 20's, gorgeous and well endowed, and Norm tried to pick her up and a friend in a local bar, he's absolutely slimy."

"Oooo hooo. Oh, I love that stuff. I'll be the lefty pit bull who takes down Norm. Just give me the material. Give me a phone number. Let's get it on."


eric zaetsch said...

Who cares?

Is the nation better off now than when Coleman, under the most regretable circumstances, entered the Senate?

Will more progressive things get done with Franken replacing Coleman, or with Coleman being reelected?

Womanizing, one way or the other impacts neither of those questions. If he and another willing and consenting adult exercise their rights to have privacy and comfort, it is not my concern.

If the answers are we are worse off now and Franken would be better, what else is needed to think about?

Grace Kelly said...

On a political level, all Democrats are better.

So the Republicans are now going to a different level, the personal level -Republicans are saying that Democrats are personally somehow not deserving.

As we should have learned from the personal attacks on Kerry, IGNORING the personal attacks is the worst possible thing that we can do. Someone just punched you in the stomach, breaking the rules and throwing the first punch. Wellstone had a way of both handling it and still being above the fray. Most of us can't do that. However, now that the first blow has been delivered, we can punch back - really hard.

TwoPutt said...

This is a fight, and Smokescreen fights dirty.

I'm all in - and I'm more than willing to hit back and hit back hard.