Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ed Schultz Calls Norm Coleman A Skirt Chaser?

From the 3rd Hour of the June 6, 2008 show.

On the Al Franken scandals:
"This is all to just lather up the right, to shake down the Democrats, to make Norm Coleman look like he's an altar boy, which he is not. And that is a story that the right wing media in Minnesota will never do. You know, Norm likes to chase the skirt, you know, there's no doubt about that. Anybody wanna counter me on that? Anybody in the media want to write an editorial about what an altar boy Norm Coleman is? Any right wing talkers in Minnesota want to tell us what an upstanding, wonderful, highly moral guy Norm Coleman is? Come on! Let's get it on!"

Schultz spent significant time in the 3rd hour of his show on Friday coming to the defense of Al Franken.

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bashia said...

I used to write letters to Norm Coleman on issues. He'd write back outright lies. There's somethings that are opinions and other things that are facts and he consistently misrepresented the facts on issues. He is a liar. He also stuck to right wing talking points right no matter how ridiculous.