Friday, June 06, 2008

Steve Sarvi Blog Day!

The Big E over at Mn Blue has spent quite some time recently working to organize a Steve Sarvi Blog Day in Minnesota, on June 10th.
So with this good news, I'm happy to announce the Steve Sarvi Blog Day is coming up next Tuesday, June 10th.

The idea is for as many blogs as possible to talk about Steve and encourage their readers to go to Steve's Act Blue page and donate.

Steve has a chance to beat a Republican who has a partisan voting percentage of 93+% in a district that is turning blue. He has a chance to oust a retired Marine Colonel who was given a 0% rating from the Disabled American Veterans and a D grade from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. He has a chance to privatize a Representative who has been wrong on Iraq, healthcare, the economy and transportation.

My focus will be on Veterans Issues and Higher Education.

Sarvi is a great candidate. The mainstream media has ignored the race the 2nd CD. We'll work to bring some much deserved attention to Sergeant Sarvi and the issues important to those in the 2nd.

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eric zaetsch said...

To the extent you focus on higher education, remember it does not stop at the BA level.

Graduate education at the U.Minn TC campus is first rate, and keeping sound graduate programs in the sciences and engineering is the seed corn for local prosperity.

Some areas, the BA is the launch pad.

In the hard sciences, it is not. It is the PhD. In medicine, the MD.

In law, the JD.

Each level costs. Many graduates of med school or law school enter the "real world" with debt incurred at two levels of education rather than one.

Think it over, and do not forget the professions requiring post-graduate learning.

Otherwise, good luck and success promoting both issue sets. It is needed work.