Friday, June 06, 2008

RT Rybak for US Senate?

The rumor mill has been churning for weeks now and possible candidates entering the US Senate race.

Tarryl Clark, Betty McCollum, Mike Ciresi have been at the top of the rumor mill list for quite some time, generating a good deal of traffic through this and other blogs.

Chris Truscott reported early this morning on the possibility of Minneapolis Mayor RT Ryback joining the race.
I’m told there’s maybe a “5-percent chance” the mayor will get into the race. I hope the odds are better as he may be our best chance to beat Norm Coleman in November.

Think about it for a second: Rybak has a good record as mayor of Minneapolis, a statewide network of supporters through his years of involvement with the party, lots of goodwill because of his work on behalf of Barack Obama, and the ability to put together a strong campaign relatively quickly.

Mayor Ryback is a great guy. During the St Cloud special elections for Tarryl Clark and Larry Haws, Ryback was very visible on campus and worked with many of us knocking doors and working to get college students, who were still near campus over the winter break, to vote.

I remain steadfast in my support of Jack Nelson Pallmeyer.

It seems like we have decided to make the early morning trek tomorrow morning down to Rochester for the JNP rally at the convention. We'll probably hang out for a while at the convention and them make our way up to the cities for a wedding!

We're looking forward to seeing the events unfold down in Rochester this weekend!

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dorkyteacher said...

I'm really missing you at the convention this year! It's like re-living two years ago, except I'm a delegate in a new county (Steele!), and instead of working on your campaign, I am now working on helping out my fantastic new candidate - Kory Kath for 26A!

Look for amazing things from Kory in the next few weeks - and please ignore all the ignorant drivel from the right-wingers in 26A. Kory has a great name in Owatonna, born and raised, has worked hard as a young professional in our community educating, motiviating, and inspiring our kids - now it's time for him to do so for all of us. Keep your eyes on Kory Kath in 26A!