Thursday, June 05, 2008

How much buyers remorse will there be in the Senate race?

It's a lot like the debate that raged in the late 70's /early 80's.

Betamax or VHS?

Those that reacted early and jumped on the Betamax product would soon be disappointed by the superior VHS tape. Betamax tapes and machines became obsolete quicker than 8 tracks.

I think the same is happening in our US Senate race. People drank the kool aid and jumped on the Al Franken bandwagon quickly. As I worked several conventions around the area, people were sold quickly on Al Franken.

Jack Nelson Pallmeyer was relatively unknown to many of these delegates. After seeing Jack speak and witnessing Jack hold true to his solid progressive convictions, people moved from Franken, Ciresi, and undecided groups to support a strong, proud, and authentic progressive.

Delegates started to officially align behind Franken in February, shortly after the precinct caucuses and have been getting behind their candidates ever since.

A lot of things have happened since February. Beyond the imploding Franken campaign, Jack Nelson Pallmeyer has connected with delegates. He has remained above the fray, always talking about the issues at hand, the issues that matter most to voters across the state.

I'm wondering how much buyers remorse will be out there on Al Franken? I know he's going to probably see a majority on the first ballot, my prediction 54% 43% 3% undecided/no endorsement. The second and subsequent ballots will be very interesting.

I never bought into Betamax and I haven't bought into Franken. I think he's a nice guy and I would vote for him over Norm Coleman, but he does not connect with me.

I tried to have a conversation with Franken about depleted uranium munitions and gulf war syndrome. He appeared to be quite distracted and not interested on the issue. I spoke to Jack at the same event. He knew the same activists that have been fighting this issue for more than a decade.

Jack connects to people like me.

He's no Betamax, Jack's the real deal.


Charley Underwood said...

I have a really good feeling about Saturday and I strongly suspect that Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is going to get the endorsement. At that point, I doubt there will be any buyers' remorse. Jack's campaign has been clean and has totally stayed out of the mud that the Republican smear-machine has been throwing. Franken's people know that. There may be a little shock when they realize that it was never inevitable that Franken get the nod, but we really all want to work together to defeat Coleman. I think Coleman will be out of a job next year and Jack will be our new senator.

eric zaetsch said...

I don't think remorse would be the right word if Franken prevails.

He's better than the individual who only won because of Paul Wellstone's death.

Absent that, and the timing - right before election day, he would have never reached where he sits.

But I agree with Charley's comment that Jack clearly could win.

I agree with the rationale behind the Goldfarb endorsement you mentioned and I think everyone should go to Jack's campaign website, read the item, and think it over.