Thursday, June 05, 2008

Jack Nelson Pallmeyer Gets A Great Endorsement

From Senator Klobuchar's 2006 campaign manager, Ben Goldfarb!

From the announcement yesterday:

Here's why I'm confident he can win:

1. Jack provides an incredibly stark contrast with Norm Coleman. Winning candidates provide a clear, compelling choice to voters. And as a challenger, it's critically important to keep the focus on the incumbent. I believe that on pressing issues, on character and integrity, and on life experience, Jack poses the stark contrast we need and can keep this race a referendum on the incumbent.

2. Minnesotans are thoughtful voters who reward authenticity and conviction. We have a long history of supporting unconventional candidates who looked like long shots only a few months before Election Day, but were able to connect on a human level. I strongly believe that Jack's life story, courage, and authenticity are a lock to make him the next such candidate.

3. Jack will have the resources he needs. This remains one of only a handful of competitive Senate races in the country. Combining Jack's strong Minnesota base of funders, a unified DFL, and a significant national interest will give him the support he needs. He won't have the most money, but he doesn't need to. In 2006, Mark Kennedy outspent Amy Klobuchar by nearly $1 million and lost by 20 points. Moreover, Senators Tester (MT) and Webb (VA), each emerged from June primaries in 2006 without much in the bank and had no problem raising the resources they needed to topple well-finded incumbents.

Bluewoman and I are contemplating heading down to Rochester for the rally on Saturday. The only sticking point is that we have a wedding to go to in the cities on Saturday afternoon and that it's a 2 1/2 hour drive from our Wright County outpost. Who knows what will happen, I know we really want to go and support Jack!

It's going to be an interesting weekend!

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