Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sarvi / CD 2 Poll Numbers Out!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a race.

A poll was conducted May 19-22 polling 400 registered voters in Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District.

Here are some very interesting findings from the poll.

-Congressman Kline’s job rating is a bleak 44% fair/poor to only 39% excellent/good; aside from the fact that it is a net negative showing, one should note that 39% approval is a long way from 50%. Incumbents under 50% are considered vulnerable.

-69% of district voters think the country is on the wrong track. Furthermore, the data show that the tired, traditional attacks on a Democratic candidate will work no better in this district than they did in the recent Mississippi, Louisiana and Illinois special elections. Congressman Kline's tired attacks are a failing tactic.

-Congressman Kline's support is neither broad nor deep. After hearing just one positive statement about Sarvi and nothing critical of Kline, voters quickly shift their preference to Sarvi, 49% to 37%. A second positive message about Steve (still without a negative on Kline) shifts the balance further, increasing Sarvi’s lead to 58% to 26%. The most basic voter education about Steve’s record and vision makes the race competitive, on an issue terrain that clearly presents the Sarvi campaign with enormous opportunities.

-Wedge issues will not work! Typical "wedge" issues wield very little power in the 2nd District. Half of those polled prefer a pro-choice candidate, and 80% either partly favor or strongly favor a moderate position on dealing with illegal immigration.

-The poll confirms what we've known for quite some time. The political demographics in the 2nd District are changing. The generic ballot between any Democrat and any Republican starts out tied at 40%. This is the first time in the district’s history that this has been the case.

-Being a Bush-dog does not help Congressman Kline at all. Bush has a 76% disapproval rating in the 2nd CD. With a voting record closely aligned with Bush policies, this does not bode well for Kline.

The key issues in the 2nd?

The economy (38%), the war in Iraq (32%), healthcare/prescription costs (21%), and gas prices.

Steve Sarvi is the right candidate at the right time. His service to our Country in both Iraq and Kosovo and his experience in local government are strong qualifiers for office.

It's early.

These are great polling numbers! Things can change a lot between now and November. The time to act is now. Team Sarvi has worked hard to make this a competitive race in the 2nd CD. It's our turn to step up and help him out in every way possible.

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