Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An Obama Flashback

I remember watching this speech back in 2004. I was awestruck by Obama then and continue to be now.

Years ago, back in my MSUSA days, a group of us were lurking downstairs on the Senate side of the Capitol, taking a few minutes to check out the train that takes Senators to and from the Capitol.

All the sudden, from around the corner, Senator Obama appeared. He was larger than life for us political junkies from Minnesota. He took a minute to talk to us and we snapped a photo of him with one of our students, from Illinois. It was a pretty freakin awesome experience.

So, here's a taste of what's coming for us now. Obama's speech tonight was absolutely powerful. Obama is one of only a few politicians who have ever given me goosebumps when they spoke.

The other politician that immediately comes to mind is Paul Wellstone.

So, check out the 2004 DNC video...for many of us, the start of our love for Barack Obama.

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