Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Republican "Pandermania"


In politics, pandering is the term used to portray one's views to fit in line with a certain crowd of voters the candidate is attempting to impress, when often, these are not the candidate's true beliefs. A candidate may engage in pandering out of desperation if s/he is already losing a race, or if polls taken prior to an election show others as being in the lead.
Apparently some Republicans down in the Fighting First are calling Congressman Walz a "panderer" for his hard work on Veterans issues.

When he is not raking up credit card debt, Walz is pandering to veterans and
shoring up his left flank by voting against initiatives that monitor terrorist

Interesting. Congressman Walz, as a 24 year military Veteran, has subject matter expertise on Veterans issues. He knows the lingo. He knows the military culture. He understands that soldiers and Veterans alike "suck it up and drive on", that they do not ask for assistance they are eligible for and deserve.

The attacks on Walz, by Republicans and right wing bloggers show their sheer desperation in CD 1.

Anyone have a few minutes to play C-SPAN's first reality TV Show? It's pretty easy really!

Pandering / Not Pandering?

Not Pandering!

Not Pandering, just creepy!

Pandering (she voted against the bill that provided these grants)

Not pandering, again...just creepy.

Not pandering...constituent services. An actual forum!


Desperation...but a great mentor to learn one's pandering ways!

We're not sure if Oda Silva has any connections to Brian Davis, other than he may be a supporter.

Pandering is sheer desperation. Davis pimping his resume citing medical school rounds at a VA hospital is pandering.

Working to pass great legislation which allows more Veterans access to their rightfully earned benefits is strong public policy.

Thanks Mr Silva! Should I ask the Walz campaign to send the contribution thank you to my place or yours?


dorkyteacher said...

If anyone has time and wants to see some hot CD 1 action, check out (the Owatonna People's Press, a fine and well edited news media outlet, *note sarcasm*)and look at all the comments, particularly on anythign to do with education, taxes (of course), our new pool, and gas prices.

I've had a ball watching (I'd be a nutjob to comment...they'd probably find out where I live and burn a cross in my lawn) them use fallacies, profanity and downright name calling as attacks.

But according to them, when asked about their lack of moral and civil discussion, it's par for the course. That's just how politics is done in the US, they argue. I beleive they'd love the 'pandermonium' (copyright me!) going on with Bachman as well as others as just the way to win votes and get their agenda into Washington.

See in particular the LTE "For Higher Gas Prices Vote Democrat". True entertainment.

eric zaetsch said...

I think you see a nice bunch of trees but miss the big forest in things.

Walz and the veterans issue; Wellstone and the veterans issue; there's a tradition and Walz is solid there. These people get nowhere dumping on Walz that way.

That other crap about it being error, or lack of patriotism in standing up against infringments on civil liberties is where the call-out should be.

I think of Two-Putt Tommy's "I never thought I would miss Richard Nixon," and his email caveat about remember any email communication we have might end up shared with the NSA.

The other half of your opening to the post itself deserves a post, where Walz is made known as the true patriot in things, standing up to erosions of things the Constituional founders felt essential, rule of law and all; and that to oppose standing up to things expected of tyrants, is patriotism as much as puting on a uniform. Tyrants can hand out uniforms too.

The free pass for the teleco firms that were pliant, unlike Qwest a firm with little else in its favor except saying, "No, it's illegal" will only make it harder for the firms to say no the next time - or easier for them to pliantly say yes, sure, why not.

Holding their feet to the fire for compromising their customers' trust by letting wholesale government intrusion happen was reprehensible, and should be punished instead of letting them off the hook for unpatriotic actions against their paying customers' trust.