Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Stormy Weekend

Some photos and a video of what moved through us. We were up in our hotel room, 4th floor when the Tornado Warning was issued and the sirens started going off. It was pretty freaky...

Outside minutes from the rain and wind.

Video of what came through. Weather channel had the storm moving through at about 70 mph. Look at how fast the clouds fly by the sign in 1 minute of video.
I was going to shoot more video as the storm was actually passing, but the winds were so strong, I could not open the outside door. Cousin in Casselton had a funnel cloud and 70+ mph winds.


krash600 said...

Great video I wish I was there. You and I share the same passion for storms. I was in a bad one when I was 10, water spouts, tornadoes and everything, and I have been in love with them ever since. Nature needs to be respected, feared, and appreciated at the same time.

eric zaetsch said...

Call it Stormy Monday, but Tuesday is just as bad?