Monday, June 16, 2008

Norm Coleman: "Chronic Womanizer"?

Ed Schultz called Senator Coleman a "skirt chaser".

Mitch Berg defended Coleman saying he has an "unconventional marriage".

Michael Brodkorb worked to attack Al Franken again, but left out a sentence from a Twin Cities writer.
It isn't like, you know, he is some high-profile politician hiding a reputation for chronic womanizing.

A not so subtle shot at Senator Norm Coleman.

If Norm Coleman's "womanizing" ways are as well known to Minnesotans as Mitch Berg estimates, then why did Brodkorb elect to leave that tidbit out?

I can tell you this, a Norm Coleman sex scandal would damage his reputation out here in rural Central Minnesota. This race is going to be ugly!

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eric zaetsch said...

There were a nation full of fundamentalist GOP folks astounded and a-flutter over how former President Clinton carried on. Where are they now when Norm needs their attention?

If anything goes to litigation, do you suppose Ken Starr would take the case?