Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another look at CD 6 fundraising

I was having a conversation with an old friend yesterday when we began to talk about FEC reports and fundraising. I know, I have some pretty wild friends.

We were talking about the CD 6 fundraising numbers for Elwyn Tinklenberg this past quarter. This past quarter Tinklenberg raised nearly $272,000.

Itemized: $109,223.35

Unitemized: $53,843.93 (At least 269 individuals under $200).

Total individual contributions: $163,067.28

Political Party Committee's: $6500

PAC's: $102,350

Total so far...

Almost $324,000 in individual contributions and $201,550 in PAC money, or about $532,000 total thus far.

She asked, how did Patty Wetterling do in the quarter of the endorsement fight in 2006? The 2006 CD 6 DFL endorsement fight was at least as fierce as the 2008 endorsement and exponentially more competitive.

Wetterling's July 2006 FEC report lays out some pretty staggering numbers.

$309,030 in itemized contributions.

$239,315.63 in unitemized contributions. (At least 1466 individual contributions)

$548,345.63 in total individual contributions.

$6000.00 from Political Party Committee's.

$64,500.00 from PAC's.

About $619,000 raised in the quarter of the endorsement.

Granted, CD 6 was an open seat in 2006 which could explain a portion of the increase in donations. However, Minnesota also had a very expensive US Senate race, and every seat in the Minnesota Legislature was up for grabs. More candidates to send our hard earned money to.

In addition, Michele Bachmann is a more well known commodity across the 6th now than she was in 2006.

Has Elwyn bought Patty's contribution list or asked for it?

The purpose of this post? It's not to take a shot at Elwyn's fundraising. Quite the contrary, this past quarter was a respectable quarter for his fundraising.

However we really need to step it up! We've done it before and we can do it again.

Donate to Elwyn's campaign here.

The choice is ours. We endorsed Elwyn Tinklenberg to defeat Michele Bachmann.

It's time for Democrats, Independents, and sane Republicans across the 6th to help Elwyn out to send Bachmann packing...

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eric zaetsch said...

Patty was a well liked candidate and still is a very sincere and likable person. No baggage. A progressive person. I think Sixth District progressive people are donating, with Madia and Franken, and Bonhof (while active) being the main beneficiaries. Aside from Ventura, the IP and its people traditionally have had difficulty raising money or voter interest.