Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ron Carey Owes Madia An Apology

Last week, Minnesota Republican Party Chairman and press release addict, Ron Carey attacked Ashwin Madia for having a position on Iran, which is more than we can say about Madia's opponent Erik Paulsen.

From MDE
Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Ron Carey today released the
following statement regarding 3rd District DFL-endorsed candidate Ashwin Madia’s
position on Iran.

“After the second day in a row of Iran test-firing missiles and
boasting that their ‘hands are always on the trigger,’ we face a stark reminder
Iran remains a serious threat to U.S. allies and U.S. interests.

Disturbingly, Ashwin Madia appears to disagree with the consensus of so
many when he says ‘Iran is not a threat.’ This serious lack of judgment is just
one reason he lacks the qualities necessary to serve in the U.S.

As we all know now, the Bush Administration has followed Madia's diplomatic lead and will sit down for talks with Iran.

Carey and Republicans also overhyped the Iran missile launch mess.

According to several sources, including Drudge, the missiles Iran tested were older versions of that has a range of 750 miles, meaning Israel is out of range. Photos from the event were doctored as well.

Our government has decided on diplomacy for now.

Surely we expect Carey to issue a press release today condemning the Bush administration for their cowardice in pursuing diplomacy.

While Erik Paulsen continues to have no opinion on Iran or Iraq, no solutions, Ashwin Madia continues to lead.


Byshguy said...

An apology, come on Blue Man, he didn't attack the man's character or say he beats his wife. You may disagree with Carey, but these constant calls for "apologies", from both sides, is ridiculous.

eric zaetsch said...

Iran is pricing oil in Euros. They say they will defend themselves if attacked. Questions of uranium enrichment and supplying arms and advice within Iraq are pending.

Negotiation makes all the sense in the world. Official, and without any predisposition to make concessions, but negotiation to see what the other side says and will accept and will expect in return is not unpatriotic or a betrayal of anything. It is good sense.

Whether the Bush-Cheney administration has finally come to that conclusion for substantive or political reasons - to perhaps aim to diffuse the war's importance as an issue - is irrelevant to it simply making sense to talk before firing shots or dropping bombs.

Ron Carey is making a joke of himself by swinging too wildly, eyes closed, making noise seeming more an aim than making sense.

Who benefits?