Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brian Davis Is A Mathematician Too? Who Knew!

Honestly...this is a Blueman first.

I have no idea where to begin here.

The trainwreck that is the Brian Davis for Congress campaign sent out a press release earlier today announcing their lead in "net fundraising" last quarter.

Today, the Brian Davis for Congress campaign announces that their second quarter net fundraising was the strongest of all candidates seeking election to Minnesota's First District in 2008. During the second quarter - April 1 to June 30 - Brian Davis for Congress had $391,601 in total receipts and a net gain in cash-on-hand of $326,273, compared to $186,584 for Congressman Walz.

Total contributions from individuals to the Davis campaign were over $268,000 with a net of $376,718 cash-on-hand. This difference in net fundraising is due to campaign expenses with the Davis campaign reporting $65,330 in disbursements compared to $251,502 for the Walz campaign.
So, if you don't spend money can CLAIM that you lead in "net fundraising"? Is this the philosophy of "he who dies with the most toys wins"?

Seriously, why issue a press release on this?

Ollie over at Bluestem took the first swipe at this idiotic press release.

Did we mention that Tim Walz's $97,617.24 from small itemized individual contributions nearly equals Davis's loan to his own ambition?

Even if everyone in that unitemized pool gave $199, that's still 490 individuals. We're guessing there were a lot more $25, $50, or $100 dollar contributors. Davis only had $29,709.55 in small unitemized individual contributions. As a percentage of their total fundraising (including loans) for the quarter, Walz's small contributions equal 22 percent of the swag, while Davis's small donors add up to a mere 7.6 percent of his haul. Subtract Davis's loan, and it's still only 10.2 percent of his new cash for the quarter.
Ollie is 100% correct. Davis has quickly become the biggest exaggerator in Minnesota politics. Perhaps he honed his awesome math skills over that vast amount of time he was a "nuclear engineer".

Lovely. I just can't wait for Brian Davis to exaggerate his phenomenal driving record...(hint look at #8.)


Sally Jo said...

How dare you criticize our Republican overlords!

dorkyteacher said...

According the the Owatonna People's Press editorial commentary (on the online edition, which allows comments), the reason Walz is doing so well in fundraising is simply because he's the incumbant and you automatically make more money.

Also, there have been 3-5 LTE's to the OPP in support of Walz, while there has been NOTHING via Davis. Walz had approx 46% of the vote in Owatonna, which is huge, considering just how traditionally extremely conservative this community is. Interestingly, Klobuchar also won here, which a Dem has not done in years.

Davis is a joke and I expect Walz to take home a win (although it may only be 1-3%) in Owatonna this fall because he has been a dynamo in DC over the last 2 years.

Go, Tim, GO!