Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CD 6 Fundraising Numbers: A Quick Look

With Congresswoman Bachmann's numbers out now, we can start to decipher the fundraising the the 6th.

While Congresswoman Bachmann raised over $382,000 this quarter more than $193,000 came from PAC's and political party committees. More than half of Bachmann's contributions this quarter came from special interest groups.

Bachmann spent about $22,000 this quarter raising $189,000 in individual contributions and more than $12,000 to a Washington DC based PAC fundraising group.

Also of note...she paid Luke Hellier $200 this quarter as well.

Bachmann has nearly $1.3 million cash on hand at this point.

Tinklenberg hauled in about $163,000 in individual contributions this past quarter and about $109,000 from PAC's and political party committees.

Two days ago I talked about Elwyn's good fundraising numbers, they were good not great.

I had a conversation last night with my political Yoda, my mentor.

We had a good long talk about FEC reports and the fundraising trend or mirage activities across the state.

Ashwin Madia killed it this quarter. Anyone who has ever doubted whether or not he's the real deal or not knows better now. I knew it the first time I saw him.

Going into his endorsement in April, he had the support of one sitting Congressman and a strong grassroots support. Madia prevailed and has been running ever since. The endorsement in CD 3 was a tough fight.

Tinklenberg had a relatively easy endorsement fight in CD 6. Other than bloggers like myself asking some difficult questions and supporting "the other guy" for most of the race, the party was unified behind Elwyn with nearly every sitting member of Minnesota's Congressional delegation supporting him.

Why didn't their support bring more money in? Peterson and Oberstar don't have fights on their hands. Neither do Ellison and McCollum. Congressman Walz has significantly outraised his opponent and has a strong cash on hand advantage to go along with a record of constituent outreach that is unparalleled in Minnesota politics.

This is a big quarter for Elwyn Tinklenberg and Steve Sarvi. The incumbents in both races, especially John Kline, experienced lackluster fundraising this past quarter. One big quarter for Tinklenberg will close the cash on hand advantage and build some great momentum in the final days before the election.

But at this point, sadly enough, it's always about the Benjamins...


Anonymous said...


We need to exchange blog roll links--

taxpaying liberal said...

What’s surprising about the numbers is who’s not on the list.

Ash’s numbers a really good. Maybe because of the hard race he was in for the endorsement. They had a lot of debates and a lot of people became interested in that race. This kept both the activists and the media engaged and focused on the 3rd.

Clearly the 3rd and the 5th districts are where the money is. And the fertile ground that Patty harvested last election is and investing in its own area. This trend may continue for the next couple of election cycles depending on how close a race it is in the 3rd.

The unions and congressional Pacs came through well for El as expected. But if the Democrats in the 6th were disappointed in Patty’s performance after spending $4 mil, then they better step up.

El’s got a smart team and I’m sure they will put on a good show but it’s time for the thousands of Dems that engaged in the endorsement process to chip in and support their candidate. He’s the Democratic candidate and every Democrat in the 6th owns El a contribution and it’s time to stand on our own 2 feet.

There are hundreds of directors in DFL units in the 6th and less than a handful showed up on El’s FEC report. It’s not enough to march in a parade or do an occasional door knock.

If El doesn’t raise the cash, the people we are counting on (like the DCCC) to get in after Labor Day will find other places. You got to get 300,000 votes and you can’t do it with $200 k in the bank.

So get off your butts go to the web page and kick in at least a couple of hundred.

Showing up on an FEC report is a badge of honor.

eric zaetsch said...

TPL - I think first quarter the DC PACs that support Tinklenberg paid to support their candidate. If they think he needs more money they can give him more. He's their candidate.

I was surprised at how much Tinklenberg got from individual donors this past quarter. It appears he's maxed out Janet Robert, and Jim Deal and his wife, until after the primary. Then Robert and the Deal spouses can max out again for that new cycle. I expect for third quarter Tinklneberg's donations will surge, tail end of September but that they will be fairly flat until then.

Then there's the Mesabi Fund. That operation looks generous to Tinklenberg. But rank-and-file in the Sixth are not big donors. He gets a substantial share out of district.