Monday, July 14, 2008

Ventura is a punk

Well that was a waste of time...


dorkyteacher said...

Thankfully! After I saw him during his governorship screaming at a single mother trying to put herself through school that it was her own problem and that the government shouldn't help her out with grants (during some type of student rally, I believe) I was utterly turned off. Not that I was ever that turned on, but someone who would treat a constituent like that could never, ever have my respect or vote.

eric zaetsch said...

Some headline. Would you say that to him in the ring?

Besides rasslin', I bet that while in his 50's he could still move like a SEAL if he had to.

I think he has other priorities than going to DC, and getting to yammer about things on Larry King will help sell the book.

I think he met important expectations, especially his own and his family's.

I thought he might run simply because of the awful trust and respect numbers for Congress that polling has shown. It was a ripe opportunity but one he did not care to pursue.

Blue man said...

I'd say it to him in a ring and on the street.