Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chainsaws and pictures!

Saturday was a fun filled day of chainsaws and polesaws, getting a pretty good sized branch out of the backyard of Bluewoman's parents.
Here the sky's northwest of Cokato start to get pretty dark.
The clouds become a little nastier looking!

This is the cloud we saw the "little finger" start forming and some rotation in the clouds. While this set was moving northwest of Cokato, we decided shortly after to head inside.

Tornado sirens went off, I was watching on the main level as the storms came in. Then, a tree fell a few feet from the house.

That's actually a playhouse near the house. The tree took out a clothesline as well.
Seeing Bluewoman with a polesaw or a mini-chainsaw cutting stuff up was fun. 4+ hours later we were done cutting everything up and moving the branches to a compost pile.

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