Sunday, July 13, 2008

BREAKING!! DR DAVID DETERT Endorsed in 18B: Urdahl cries a bit....:)

Tonight delegates from across Wright, Meeker, and McLeod counties endorsed candidate for House seats.

Dr. David Detert, from Litchfield, has ran against Dean Urdahl a few times and while being defeated, Dr. Detert has been able to secure Meeker County as a democratic stronghold.

Urdahl ought to be very scared right now. Detert is a campaign professional and will run a well thought out campaign plan. Constituents in Wright County are excited to door knock for Dave!

We'll be working closely with the Deterts to ensure we can coordinate doorknocks all throughout Wright County.

Deterts calm cool and collected demeanor and experience as a physician make him a great candidate to defeat Urdahl.

We'll post more on the Detert Urdahl race in the coming days.

Everyone needs to thank Sharon for being so generous with Davids time for the race!

Dean Urdahl has been poking his stick into a lions cage for quite some time now...he's about to get bit!

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