Sunday, July 13, 2008

Angvall Endorsed in 18A!

One of the joys of running political races is the opportunity to meet neat people. Nolan, Nichole and I made our first trek to Lester Prairire shortly after I was endorsed to run against Steve Dille. The first store we went into was the hardware store. My grandpa worked in hardware stores in Mayville for decades after he was retired. He loved telling the stories and getting peoples problems solved.

That was the conversation Eric Angvall and his wife had with me when we entered their store.

A moderate, commonsense candidate will go far against Right wing flamer thrower Ron Shimanski. Shimanski, a first term Rep from Silver Lake, has held to a very ultra conservative voting record, a 100 rating by the Tax Enforcers League is a badge of honor for some, but shows no courage in solving budget and tax problems.

Shimanski also earned a 0 rating from the Children's Defense Fund. Urdahl was not much better topping out at a 33.

Angvall has a shot here. Despite a late start, as former mayor of Lester Prairie he understands the impact of no new taxes and cuts to LGA. He sees firsthand how crap rolls downhill.

As a small business owner, he can speak effectively on what government can do to ensure that our small businesses grow and prosper.

As a former Biology teacher, he gets whats wrong in our schools and will strive to fix them, not sit on a party label and hurl rhetoric back and forth.

Shimanski is in some trouble here. It will be an interesting race! We'll report more later!

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eric zaetsch said...

If Angvall taught biology and Shimanski is a creationist, then Angvall should suggest that if God intended us to pump His oil, he'd have put it in the ground with straws. Shimanski might self destruct wrestling with that paradox, and the gas hog I expect he drives. Those guys never buy hybrids.