Monday, July 14, 2008

The Ticket Is Complete

SD 19 has had endorsed candidates for quite some time now.

Jim Bakula is challenging Bruce Anderson in 19A and is off to a rousing start.

Chris Brazelton is running hard against Tom Emmer again in 19B.

With last nights endorsement of Eric Angvall in 18A and Dr. David Detert in 18B, the ticket for our area is complete.

Angvall v. Shimanski will be an interesting race. Shimanski has shown zero ability to advocate for the interests of his district, siding with an extreme partisan agenda, which earned him a 100% rating from the Taxpayers League.

Dr. David Detert is back for his third run at Dean Urdahl. Urdahl won by a wide margin in 2004 and Detert closed this gap significantly in 2006. With Urdahl's ineffectiveness at the capitol, combined with a strong year for Democrats, Detert stands poised to defeat Urdahl in 2008.

Coverage at Blueman will now shift into working to promote the great candidates we have in Wright, Meeker, and McLeod Counties.

We're poised to have a great year in the coming elections. It sure would be nice running for State Senate in 2010 with two DFL House Reps in the district!

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