Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coleman's Disrespect For The "F Word"?

Not that one!

Nope, not fundraising.

Not freeloader either, although that's debatable.

Progressive talk show host Ed Schultz has used the radio waves to call out Norm Coleman for his "skirt chasing".

Conservative blogger Mitch Berg labeled the Senator's marriage as an "unconventional marriage" a little more than a month ago.
It’s been an open secret forever in Saint Paul and Minnesota politics; Norm and his wife have a rather unconventional marriage. Schultz is being disingenuous if he claims this is some big revelation (or, equally likely, the dim little bulb inside his thick little head hasn’t quite quite figured it out yet, and his prime directive, “blow hard first, ask questions later”, is in control).

Traffic looking for Norm Coleman marriage information in the past month has skyrocketed since Berg revealed this to the world. Seems like it was not the open secret he thought it was.

So, does Senator Coleman's "unconventional marriage" show disrespect to the "f word"?


I've got to say, based on the the right wing blog traffic I've seen over the last several weeks, the last thing anyone wants to talk about in the US Senate race are the issues.

So, Norm Coleman's "unconventional marriage".

I'll say this. Having been to literally every gas station in SD 18, you won't find a Playboy anywhere.

However, Coleman's "unconventional marriage" will hurt him in our small rural communities where faith and fidelity are everyday values, not once every 6 years campaign slogans.

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