Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coleman Ad Implies Brian Davis Unfit For Congress

Coleman's latest bowling ad says that and a lot more.

With the revelation yesterday that Brian Davis was fined $1,237.05 for late property taxes every year between 2003 and 2007, Davis continues his downward spiral in the 1st Congressional "race".
"It's something that has come in the mail, and between my wife and it's taken a while to pay it," said Davis.

Perhaps Davis or Biers ought to call the Bachmann people. Instead of wasting her time on postage stamp analogies of ANWR, she could actually send him some postage stamps to pay his property taxes.

Let's also recall that he is a serial exaggerator, inflating his credentials to make himself appear more qualified than he really is.

Of course we have his time as the treasurer of the Olmstead County Republican Party, where somehow, the treasurer or someone was so inept at...well, being a treasurer, that their campaign finance board report was missing more than $13,000 in contributions.

We're working to confirm Davis's previous enrollment in the Enron school of bookkeeping.

Finally, we have Brian Davis being convicted of operating a vehicle with expired registration and having his drivers license suspended.

Having viewed the Coleman ad several times now, I've come to see it in a different light. While mocking some of Franken's problems, what Coleman's ad really says to me is that unless you have already been elected to office before, you are unqualified for higher office. The ad has an aura of entitlement that beyond the satire, ticks me off.

But I do agree with Norm Coleman on one thing...

Brian Davis is unfit to be a member of Congress.


Minnesota Central said...

There is a disturbing trend here when those of us who "play by the rules" and comply with Federal Law while others just seem to ignore it.
Has anyone questioned Congresswoman Michele Bachmann why her Personal Financial Disclosure Form that had a May 15 due date was filed late?
I have now found her filing that was date stamped as received on June 16th ... there was no mention of including the $200 late penalty.
There seems to be a sense of these rules are meant for only some of us.

Karl said...

Regarding Bachmann's late filing of her Personal Financial Disclosure form, which also failed to note the value of the Bachmann Family Farm LLC profits and investment, go here:

C4DFC said...

You might find this intersting Blue Man. The Coalition for a Drug Free Congress contacted Brian Davis' office asking him to support their cause. But Mr. Davis refused.

Why won't Mr. Davis agree to be drug tested? What else is he hiding?