Friday, July 25, 2008

Kline abusing franking privilege on Veterans?

Two Putt Tommy has put together a great story over at Mn Blue on the issue.

Part 1

Part 2

Review of 1 and 2

Part 3
The Freedom Of Information Act request I submitted to the VA has been filed and approved; any day I'm expecting a hardcopy list of zip codes that John Kline requested for sending his personal propaganda to veterans - at government expense.

I know that Kline shouldn't have "franked" me, at taxpayer expense - the VA already told me that. You see, I'm not in Kline's district; I'm in CD-03 and it's against the law for a Member of Congress to do a franked, unsolicted, mass-mailing to addresses outside of the Member's district.

Part 4

Two Putt is right to be ticked off here. There is a difference between constituent outreach, which for Kline, Veterans ought to be at the top of his list, and campaign propoganda.

Two Putt puts together a pretty compelling argument that Kline uses his privilege to create a false sense of support to Veterans outside of CD 2.

Now that I have a copy of Kline's letter, we'll put together an analysis of his votes on the key issues he touts. I've already found at least one issue he listed that he recently voted against...

More to follow, but go check out Two Putt's story!

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