Friday, July 25, 2008

Kline distorts record on National Guard "Yellow Ribbon Rintegration Act"

"That's why I introduced and helped pass the bi-partisan Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Act. This legislation provides special training events at 30-, 60-, and 90 day intervals, after their return.


Recall the antics House Republicans played this past May on the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Act (HR 2642).

Within HR 2642 was an amendment for $65.4 million for the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program. The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program helps members of the National Guard and Reserve transition from combat to civilian life.

Congressman Kline didn't vote nay.

Didn't vote aye.

Veterans do not need political leaders playing games with these issues. Kline eventually voted for the legislation but his May vote of Present disrespects Veterans and these important issues.
More to follow on Kline's bad record on Veterans issues.

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Jeff Rosenberg said...

It's amazing how much Kline and Bachmann are joined at the hip. They seem to have the exact same lunatic voting record.

It's nice to know that they can bond and build a relationship over their shared interest in playing political games with our troops.