Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Did Brian Davis Lose $13,000 While Olmsted County GOP Treasurer?

Ollie Ox has an amazing scoop once again!

It's a pretty interesting story.

Brian Davis is working to "hold Tim Walz accountable" for gas prices and a slew of other things that take more than 18 months to fix.

Ollie uncovered a gold mine. It at least appears that Brian Davis, as treasurer of the Olmsted County Republicans, was...well...incompetent.

A $13,000 discrepancy for the county unit is pretty significant. He was only off by nearly 100%.

If this happened under the Brian Davis reign of terror, it not only serves as a significant disqualifier for Congress, but means Davis will never be the banker in Monopoly ever again.


Sallyjos said...

I didn't post that he lost any money; under his watch, the paperwork for $13,000+ was lost or destroyed. There isn't any indication that any money disappeared (so far as I can tell). Incomplete bookkeeping, for sure.

--Ollie (aka Sally Jo)

Blue man said...

Correct. It's a pretty interesting subject nonetheless. While most likely a paperwork error, it's a pretty significant error.

Blueman has never been $13,000 off on the checkbook.

Misleading headline...yeah, probably. Bordkorb will surely ask me to apologize or something soon...

eric zaetsch said...

It is unclear - If Davis was only in there for a few months, and it is a traveling show where $13,000 in documentation falls through the cracks, was it corporate donation which is illegal, etc. It is very improper, with a gross of $13,000 being siginificant, but especially so when the totals indicate it is a major percentage of all the cash being handled.

Would it be wise, without Davis going public about his tenure and how things sort out - before and after - to think to send a person sloppy with thousands to Congress where there is oversignt responsibility for millions and billions?

That seems to be the question. If the guy simply does a duck-and-cover hiding from the problem, that would be worse than giving an explanation - even if the explanation is the job is a curse, nobody wants it but someone has to take it, I got stuck, it was a mess and I was inattentive and handed the mess off to some other poor soul. That at least is an explanation. It seems he owes people an explanation. Or else vote DFL.

If the GOP cannot manage its own money, how will it do with public funds? That's also a good question for voters.

Attitudes and dealings with money in the private sector are indicative of who the person really is. That is why the GOP feels it can make a mountain out of the Franken molehill of allocating the state tax burdens wrongly.

I suppose Franken is different, because the DFL is held to a different standard? Not so, clearly. Davis and Franken can be targets because of mishandling. I have been critical of Tinklenberg because of the zealousness of his lobbying will - a different dimension, but still, how is the cash handled.

Sallyjos said...

Eric--you're completely muddying the waters when you write Davis was treasurer " for a few months."

Davis was elected Olmsted County RPM treasurer early in 2007 and resigned from the position in November (accoring to the Star Tribune). That's most of the year in question. He was certified as the treasurer by the state campaign finance board.


Serving as county unit treasurer is the only community service Davis has listed on his bio page. He has been involved with professional medical groups, but that activity is more geared toward pursuing professional ambition than serving a local community.

This isn't a question of his personal finances, but of his ability to handle a public responsibility.

i haven't looked into his personal finances beyond the report he was required to file with the House as a congressional candidate, nor have I looked at any work-related information.

Thus I'm not willing to compare this episode with Franken's tax issues or Tinklenberg's consulting firm. Apples and oranges.

But you may be right about Davis's need to make a statement about his role in the lost/destroyed documents.

eric zaetsch said...

Ollie - You got my main point. My main point was, either you defuse any taint - clear your name, or you don't. If you don't, what should voters assume? Franken came forward. Neither of the other two really have. Ducking the issue sets the issue as real.

It is not apples and oranges. It is dollars and cents.

Responsibility or less than that, with money - other peoples money, or your own.

It is more of a question when it is a trust position over other people's money. As with the Tinklenberg no bid contract history at MnDOT, which Blue Man has discussed in posts months ago. Bad stewardship. Questionable practices.

Here, $13,000 came into the cash drawer, from somewhere. No records of it? That's a sorry state of things. It raises several possibilities. None are favorable.

Finally, with the one GOP guy, Ward I believe the name is who had a $700,000 arrearage with "family" funds, it looks as if those guys can't handle money.

It is that simple. If the guy looks as if he could not run a hedge fund, why turn him loose to a role in running the government?