Tuesday, July 01, 2008

SC Times Calls Out Bachmann on Subsidies

Good Op Ed this morning in the SC Times.
Bachmann must either return her share of the money or explain how she can accept
it and still portray herself as a champion of ending government waste.

Indeed. Opposing "pork projects" but then dipping her own head into the trough makes Bachmann a hypocrite, something we've known for quite some time actually.
The acceptance of subsidies is in direct contradiction to a fundamental principle around which she is wrapping much of her image, not to mention re-election bid.

Having long described herself as a “tax-cutting fiscal conservative," this past year she has ramped up her opposition to wasteful federal spending.

The best example of that was her pledge — in the wake of the DeSoto Bridge closure and eventual reconstruction plan — to avoid using federal “earmarks" to ascertain aid for the new bridge. More recently, she opposed the latest federal farm bill because it was “loaded with unbelievable outrageous pork and subsidies for agricultural business and ethanol growers."

So, will Bachmann buck the Ron Carey imposed gag order and answer the question or continue to simply not speak to those who question her?


TwoPutt said...

Being a simpleton, she'll simply not speak.

eric zaetsch said...

Being a simpleton, all that's needed is, hey, simple.

Sign the back of the check, etc.

No problem. Done deal. You want more, wait and there may be theater at a gas station near you.