Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tinklenberg Challenges Bachmann to a Series of Rumbles

Ok, maybe not actual "rumbles", but to a series of forums.

Publius has the scoop.

Apparently, Bachmann has already accepted an invite to a forum in Monticello. Wright County will be a very key area for Tinklenberg. Drawing the IP endorsement will certainly help him out here.

I've been very critical of Tinklenberg in the past. I do not apologize for that. Questions needed to be asked and answered. Tinklenberg would serve the constituents of the 6th much better than Bachmann. While Tinklenberg is not as liberal as I would like, I'll support him in the election.

I like the campaign pushing for more forums and debates. Bachmann has had very weak constituent outreach across the district, her appearances have been closely contained and guarded. Bachmann is a masterful politician. Tinklenberg is very good in forums and debates. It will be very interesting seeing these two go at it.

We know Bachmann's voting record in Washington leaves her very vulnerable this fall.

Good job El, I love that you challenged Bachmann to more forums and debates!

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