Thursday, July 03, 2008

John Kline's CD 2 No Constituent Tour

If you're reading're probably not important enough to attend.

Steve Sarvi held a public press conference this past week to talk about energy issues.

John Kline will go on a secret tour of energy facilities.

The saga in CD 2 continues. Kline's constituent outreach is pathetic. So, in order to smooth things over with a disgruntled electorate, Kline decides that he must embark upon a super secret energy tour.

Now, I understand the security measures needed for nuclear power plants and a refinery. The measures are pretty high, and should be. Kline will surely emerge from from the tour and issue a press release that says...

"Offshore drilling is a must."

"We must drill in ANWR."

"We must increase the number of refineries in America."

He'll probably puppet a few points Congresswoman Bachmann made in her infamous gas station press conference a few weeks ago.

Although, the constituents of CD 2 are not invited. Kline does not want to meet with the electorate that is growing more and more disenfranchised by Kline's embodiment of Bush Cheney energy policy. In fact, his secret meetings are consistent with Cheney's secret energy policy meetings.

"I have a specific itinerary, not for public consumption, which is why I’m not issuing a press release." Troy Young, Congressman Kline's Communications Director.

Seems like John Kline's day to day activities are never for public consumption for his constituents in the second. Unfortunately for Congressman Kline, people are beginning to wake up to Kline's lackluster Congressional record and shoddy constituent services.

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eric zaetsch said...

What about the thought that Kline is neglecting the district because he's campaigning against Newt Gingrich for second spot on the GOP ticket. All the Pawlenty watchers are off base. It will be the McCain-Kline ticket to prosperity. Wait and see.