Friday, July 11, 2008

Erik Paulsen the "Centrist"

CD 3 GOP candidate Erik Paulsen has been engaged in a campaign to rebrand his political leaning. The 3rd CD is a rather moderate district which has been well represented by Jim Ramstad for many years. Paulsen, in a feeble attempt to lure Ramstad supporters and other moderates, has been working hard to rebrand himself from being a staunch Bush Conservative to being a Centrist.

The rebranding is full of crap.

Paulsen's voting record makes him out of touch with voters across the 3rd Congressional District.

Whether it's his votes against higher education and the significant tuition increases that have hindered working and middle class Minnesotans from higher education opportunities, voting against emergency nursing home funding, covering all kids with healthcare, or voting with big business and voting against a bill that would prohibit expiration dates and user fees on gift cards, Paulsen is out of tough with working and middle class Minnesotans.

As Paulsen and his right wing blogger friends work to lessen the impact of some of these key votes, take a look at Paulsen's record as a whole, including after he filed to run for Congress.

You'll quickly see that Paulsen is truly a Bush Conservative and not the independent centrist his campaign is desperately trying to rebrand the candidate as.

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Gavin Sullivan said...

What has Paulsen said recently, to indicate such a rebranding? Which righty bloggers are you slamming here--and what specific statements of theirs do you object to?