Friday, July 11, 2008

Erik Paulsen on Iran

It's very similar to his Iraq policy.

A search of his website shows no mention of Iran either.

Ron Carey continues his strong of idiotic press releases with one issued yesterday. Glad to see he's following the format!

Madia speaks eloquently about Iran, his words are measured.

Iran is not a threat. It is a concern to be dealt with diplomatically.

What's wrong with that? Remember the last time we ramped things up because Iraq was a threat? More than 4,000 of our soldiers have perished in this quagmire in Iraq.

Madia has a plan. He has experience.

Paulsen can't even summon the testicular fortitude to mention either on his website.

Now that's leadership.

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John Maszka said...

We should leave Iran an honorable path of retreat. Engaging Iran in the global economy is the only approach that has merit.

Regardless of Iran's size however, we should be careful what we assume about Iran; it has some ten million men of military age.

Puor bien savoir les choses, il en faut savoir le detail, et comme il est presque infini, nos connaissances sont toujours superficielles et imparfaites.

Unfortunately, what we do know is that the Bush administration cannot be trusted to do what it says. Iraq taught us that lesson. Many experts have long been predicting that Bush would invade Iran before he leaves office. But of course, the Bush administration would never admit to such a thing.

“On ne donne rien si liberalement que ses conseils.”

But it is the man who follows his own counsel, he’s the one that should lead.