Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Franken War Analogy No Big Deal

I will never be construed as a Franken apologist.

I am also hyper sensitive to politicians taking advantage of the military and Veterans and using them as campaign fodder.

MDE posted about Franken Spokesperson Andy Barr's comments in the Startribune.
“‘We’re entering the phase of the campaign where it’s hand-to-hand, day-to-day combat,’ said Franken spokesman Andy Barr.”

As someone hyper sensitive here, no big deal. Coleman's record on Iraq alone loses him credibility. Franken has been to Iraq several times on USO tours and has met face to face with our troops.

I saw him talking to Veterans at the Monticello VFW nearly 18 months ago. He's genuine. He gets it.

Attacking the Franken campaign for the use of a popular campaign euphemism when the campaigns are starting to "ramp it up" (another military euphemism) is weak.

Move along now, nothing to see here...this dust up by Brodkorb and the right is no big deal at all, just another attempt to refrain from talking issues.


eric zaetsch said...

If it is cliche time, I think the Franken people should talk about kick starting the Coleman exit from office.

Jeff Rosenberg said...

This is ridiculous even by MDE's standards.

The Republicans' feigned anger at every single word out of Franken's mouth is just another sign that they are terrified to discuss the issues.

TwoPutt said...

Blue Man, you are correct; no one has any basis to accuse you of bein' a Franken apologist.

If Team Franken gets their campaign in gear, ol' Smokescreen is toast.

Especially since The Coleman Campaign bears a distinct resemblence to Little Markie's.

Franken indeed understands veterans and veterans issues. Who knows what Smokescreen understands?