Monday, July 21, 2008

Mark Olson for State Senate?

As my Grandpa Burnham used to say, "Good Night!" As an Old Norwegian farmer, he'd say this at something that would make him mad or surprise him.

Good Night!

Just when we were basking in the glow of retirement of the "Dump Mark Olson" blog, we get hit with this news today from Larry Schumacher.

Fresh after not filing for the 16B seat he lost the GOP endorsement for, Olson joins a crowded field left running in the GOP primary for Betsy Wergin's seat.

Wergin is leaving the Senate to fill a position on the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, a position held by her brother.

Gotta love nepotism!

Back to Olson...

Olson's entry into the SD 16 Senate race makes it a very interesting race. Olson's endorsement loss to Kiffmeyer caused wide speculation that he would run for the House seat as an Independent. He would have lost too...

His decision to run for the State Senate brings along his vast amount of political baggage as well. Highway 169 through Princeton may not be wide enough for the Mark Olson baggage cart.

We all know about Olson's marital problems and we honestly hope they are making the necessary steps to continue their lives together. A contentious Senate race will not make things easier.

Lisa Fobbe, Chair of the Princeton School Board filed today as well as Assistant Mille Lacs County Attorney Mark Joseph Herzing.

I'll be checking Political Muse's work over at LiLoC for more info on SC 16!

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