Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Mark Olson for Senate Stuff

A new slogan for Olson?

Mark Olson for State Senate

"Because my insanity grew bigger than the B side could contain."
Sorry, I just cannot see how he's going to win this primary fight. His domestic violence problems alone make him unelectable and a man without honor. Kiffmeyer easily won endorsement in the 16B race and Olson's firebrand speeches and tactics will not happen in a Senate that is...well...much tamer than the House where his antics draw laughter.


Avidor said...

Dump Mark Olson Blog is also back...

Funny how these anti-big-gummint, pro-private sector guys can't live without a government check.

eric zaetsch said...

In all of that Mark Olson attention, which is proper because he is an embarassment to the entire State, please do not lose sight of one key fact - Mary Kiffmeyer is a turkey. She ran the Secretary of State office in a partisan way and opposed rather than fostered widespread voter registration on the bogus "voter fraud" platform. People there, don't elect her. Keep her in the private sector.