Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bush-Coleman 08

Franken launched a new ad and a website dealing with Senator Coleman's allegiance to President Bush and his 8 years of foreign and domestic failure.

Brodkorb and the right wing blogosphere are quick to point out that President Bush is not on the ballot this year.

Trailing in the polls by double-digits, Team Franken has released a new attack TV ad and website connecting President Bush to Senator Coleman. The attack ad and website contain no positive message about Al Franken. If Franken wanted to run against President Bush, he should have ran for president in 2004.
Phew, glad these guys are around to let us know important tidbits like that!

They tried the same arguments with Mark Kennedy back in 2006. I remember the 2006 MPR debate at the State Fair between Klobuchar, Kennedy and Fitzgerald. Despite Mark Kennedy having supported Bush initiatives 92% of the time, he made sure to point out to state fair goers that "President Bush is not on the ballot" and wondered about a liberal obsession with Bush.

The same holds true for Norm Coleman. Regardless if Bush were on the ballot or not, the fact that Senator Coleman has sided with failed Bush Administration policy time and time again calls into question Coleman's ability to advocate for Minnesotans. He's surely not the independent that he's trying to paint himself as.

8 years of failed policy have consequences. Franken calling Coleman out on his voting record is not an attack ad. It's not negative. It's presenting the public record. Furthermore, with John McCain as the Republican candidate for President, the foreign and domestic failures of the Bush Administration would most likely continue.

Try as hard as you can, but you will not be able to shield GOP candidates from the failures of George W. Bush.

He's not on the ballot, but his policy and puppets are.

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eric zaetsch said...

Calling Dick Cheney's butler "Dick Cheney's butler" is NOT irrelevant, it's helpful. Why is the party of George Bush slow to admit it?