Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gone a week...

I can't believe it's really been a week since I read a blog!

When did MDE become Priscilla Lord Faris for US Senate?

Seriously! I read MDE this morning and could have confused it with the PLF website.MDE working for both Paulsen and Faris.

I saw her campaign ad on KARE 11 this morning...not impressed. Not impressed at all, especially with a campaign that is running their message through a Republican blogger.

She may be right on a lot of her criticism of Franken. However, why didn't she get into the endorsement race then? Why not make this pitch to the delegates?

I heard the US Senate race pitched as a football analogy.

The quarterback has led the team inefficiently for the majority of the game and the team is losing, losing big. Is it time to go with a new quarterback?

No disrespect to Brooks Bollinger or Gus Ferotte, but we won't win with a second or third string QB.

Faris has the feel of a 4th string DII quarterback right now. The "Why I'm Running" page just seems...well, whiny to me.

Al Franken does not represent Minnesota values:

His coarse humor and language is demeaning to women and minorities.

His tax problems and questionable financial transactions are not consistent with the way most Minnesotans view their responsibilities.

He has lived in New York almost all of his adult life and has moved to Minnesota just to run for office.

Most of his funding comes from his Hollywood and entertainment business contacts.

He has demeaned and insulted other Senators and office holders, the very people he will have to work with to accomplish anything in Washington.

In his own words he is an angry man, and he screams profanities and insults to those who disagree with him.

He says he would not be a good person to hold political office because he is "indecisive" and he views politics as interesting only because the election races are interesting.

He is behind Coleman by 15 points in the polls.

While there is some validity here, I have a hard time supporting someone who's online campaign presence is via a right wing blogger, former Republican Oppo Guy, MDE.

So it while looking at changing the quarterback is attractive, perhaps it's time to root for another team?

Anyone ready for an old Annandale grad? Dean Barkley?


taxpaying liberal said...

Exactly! Barkley's great and it's time for a real change. If it's one thing the Democratic congress has proven the last two years is that they can't or won't change the direction this country is heading.

Barkley is by far the best choice this year. And he won't need a $10 million ad campaign to make people like him.

Sally Jo said...

It's impossible for me to support any DFLer who uses MDE as her wire service. Prissy indeed.

eric zaetsch said...

She cannot control what Brodkorb posts. But why the run? It is as if Franken were a poor option. He's not.
And what if she were to win the primary? Recycle the same complaints about Norm? They'd fit him better.

Why not address Norm's deficiencies now? As a main focus. She's a personal injury lawyer. There is not a thing wrong with that, but with Ciresi having dropped out, with a similar background, the suggestion is that background does not move voters strongly.

I thought Ciresi was an outstanding option, as was Nelson-Pallmeyer, my favorite; but each faltered.

Franken is great too, but while he was my third choice he had the delegate count to take a first ballot win. That means strong and unified DFL support. And the party makes a great effort to be gender balanced. It succeeds at that.
Nothing raised against Franken at the convention deterred his delagates, male and female, from their united support. Given that, why this, why now, is a good psit of questions.

And Barkley's a joke.

eric zaetsch said...

Good PAIR of questions - proofreading is an option to posting. I should have used it.

Left hand shifted one space on the keyboard, and I never noticed the spell check line under "psit." Franken would never make an error like that! Nor Lord Faris! Nor Brodkorb! Time for more coffee.

taxpaying liberal said...

It’s seldom we disagree but you comment about strong united DFL support for Al is not based on facts.

Al and Norm are running even in the 4th which is strong DFL, He is down big in the 1st, 6th, and 7th. Show me a candidate outside of the 5th who willing to stand next to him.

I like Al and he was my 2nd choice but he’s not going to beat Norm. He’s not even going to be close.

It is a great opportunity to send a message to the do nothings in DC.

I worked my ass off to send Democrats to congress and was rewarded for our efforts by having them pass every single Iraq war spending bill and FISA bill and what ever happened to health care, education and the rest of their campaign promises.

We all want change, yet we keep sending the same 2 Parties to DC and we are surprised when nothing happens. It's hard to lead when you have both hands covering your ass.

Go to Barkley’s website. Tell me what you disagree with. I’m tired of sending the same old people to DC knowing that they need millions of dollars to get elected and then they just vote the same old tired party lines over and over again.

You want to stay in Iraq. Vote Democratic or Republican. You want to give up on the Bill of Rights, Vote for the 2 Parties.

I’ll never make that mistake again.

Sally Jo said...

She could stop sending press releases to Brodkorb.

I caucused for Ciresi--and Franken was my third choice.

Faris? I'd vote for the IP before I'd cast a ballot for a someone who uses MDE to ask for my vote in a Democratic primary.

Blue man said...

Not only should they not send press releases to Brodkorb, but she shouldn't be on the King and the Korb radio show either. What reputable Democrat goes on that show?

Franken was my third choice as well. Ciresi and Jack Nelson Pallmeyer would have made this a much closer race.

Franken is a top of the ticket drag who will lose this race by at least 10 points. Faris' entry into the race makes no sense to me, other than to sink Franken event further.

My strong indenpendent streak is coming out now, I will probably vote Dean Barkley.